Burton Primary School

About us

Burton Primary School's vision is to develop lifelong
learners who can positively contribute to their rapidly-changing world. Our aims for
students to attain include high levels of literacy and numeracy along with information communication and technology skills.

The school's mission is to allow students to experience quality and comprehensive educational experiences in a stimulating and enriching learning environment. The
school values are respect, fun, learning, cooperation, team work, friendship, safety
and honesty and the ethos and culture supports, challenges and encourages success.

Central to learning is a differentiated curriculum for students with an emphasis on the seamless nature of learning from Burton Park Preschool to Year 7. Burton Primary is
an Apple School of Excellence and has extensive computing and ICT. The school
was a member of the Maths For Learning Inclusion Program in 2009-2010.
The school is also an active member of the eat well be active - Primary Schools Project.
Priority areas for development in 2009 -2011 include literacy and numeracy, mathematics, science, ICT and student wellbeing.

In 2012 the new preschool will be operational on site to include a 40 place preschool and 15 child care places. As such the Primary School and Preschool will merge to form the Burton Birth to Year 7 School.

Burton Primary School